Warren Eberlin

I graduated from Industrial Engineering and Business School (MBA HR) and worked 38 years in Human Resources coaching and counselling high-tech executives and employees. 

In the early 1960s, I began with art for physiotherapy and continued using art as a distraction from left-brain thinking school courses.

As an adult, I "evolved" to explore different media with children's parties, outdoor events and part-time courses. 

Retiring from corporate life, I invested time exploring various medium and wide ranging subjects and styles intending to gravitate towards focusing on developing a cohesive and recognizable style.

Over this past year, I continued to devote myself to opportunities that further advance my skill set as an artist. Whether it was as a student at the Avenue Road Art School or the ArteMbassy in Toronto, a participant in an art course in Skye Scotland, or time spent at Hudson Valley Art in Greenville, New York, I am thankful for the learnings gained and the opportunities I had to work with gifted teachers, instructors and the artist community.

The success of my first show, 'Step Into The Forest' was the result of many friends and colleagues choosing to add my art to their personal collections both during the show and through continued sales on my website. My desire is to create paintings that speak to people and evoke feeling, whether that be by creating a sense of nostalgia, sparking a memory of an important event and/or place or encouraging the act of reflection.