"Adventures don't begin until you step into the forest. That first step is an act of faith" Mickey Hart.

Life is full of adventures. Choosing to pursue, adapt, improve, get out of the way, or ignore are always some of the potential first steps. Art is where my life and career experiences now meet with my intuition and skills.

I want my art to cause people to ask themselves questions about their own next step. I don't want to create art that will be fundamentally seen as new, however I want to express questions or cause people to look at their next step in life as if they have not seen it before.

It may seem late (at retirement from corporate life) to begin a new career, but I think it is never too late to take the time to listen to my thoughts, my dreams and my intuition with patience, politeness and permission. Even though there never appears to be an ideal time, I am taking my first step into the forest now. How about you? Are you ready for your next step?